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"Companies Which Offer Transcendental Meditation® to Their Employees"




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Employers who now offer Transcendental MeditationTM  to their workers:

Dr. Mehmet Oz on TMTM as a fringe health benefit for employees



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Jeffrey Abrahmson, C.E.O. on TM and Proper Office Construction - or "Vastu" - for employee happiness at Tower Companies, Washington D.C.


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Other companies using Transcendental Meditation widely in the workplace:



Bridgewater Associates, investments, New Jersey

Harpo Studios, Chicago, Illinois

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Shimohn Zilber, teacher, Israel on Transcendental Meditation for the educator

Charles Morenus, businessman, on Transcendental Meditation for positive interactions

Richard DeAngelis, entrepreneur, on Transcendental Meditation for the self-employed