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eace Story



~   In the future men will be able to speak of war
     only in the past tense   ~


“A Peace Story” was written during the time of the United States war in Iraq. Created as a work
of future fiction, its inspiration, yet, lies in scientific findings – about the “potentiality” of world peace – published in 1988, in the respected venue, The Journal of Conflict Resolution of YaleUniversity  1 ... (cont'd)"

"Yogic Flying, or levitation, has been described in the literature and religious writings of mankind for thousands of years. This short story is an attempt to cast that inner ability of each human being in a modern-day setting ... (cont'd)"


"Three phases of yogic flying are described in the Vedic texts of India -- moving forward and returning to earth... remaining stationary, and not returning to earth... and moving forward – or
in any direction – and not returning to earth.”

             -        Author   
“Even a little of this dharma delivers from great fear."
 -    Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2, Verse 40

Chapter One     


On War  

Nathaniel Turner knew exactly what he had to do.


Nathaniel was an expert yogic flyer. He had practiced this advanced procedure of Transcendental Meditation in the “Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge" at Maharishi University of Management, in Fairfield, Iowa, USA.

Something had attracted Nathaniel to this special school when he had returned home from the United States war in Iraq, in 2003, as a decorated Marine.

Nathaniel had lost a hand in that conflict. He had thought, also, that he had lost his peace.
But at “MUM”, the daily routine of outward study – coupled with the inward exploration of consciousness during his practice of
Transcendental Meditation    had restored to Nathaniel that peace.

Yet, now, that terrible and distant struggle had grown into a single interest fight which threatened to enflame the world! Nathaniel knew the power of that interest, and of its backers -- the power to extend war forever.

What could be done to bring the inner peace of deep meditation to a world of warfare and suffering? 

In the end Nathaniel had relied upon the expertise of the young engineers at his new manufacturing firm in St. Louis, Missouri. Together with him, they had created an inflatable flying pad: a portable landing surface for first-stage “yogic flying” -- as rigid as high-density foam, when employed; yet very light and compact when stowed in an average-sized backpack.

The problem in the world, Nathaniel had realized, was not that there weren’t enough “yogic flyers” to stop war itself.

Already, the calming influence of the “Maharishi Effect” – the fabled first-fruits of yogic flying practice – had quelled international violence during 50 rigorous studies. Test applications of this scientific formula for peace – utilizing advanced “time-series analysis” had been successfully conducted for many years.

Some scientists were even now suggesting that a dangerous Middle East “regional war” had been averted, in 2006, with the rapid defusing of the violent Israeli-Lebanese incursion that year -- by the group application of yogic flying, during the now-historic “Invincible America Assembly”, begun in Iowa, that July.  

The main challenge, however, in Nathaniel’s mind wasn’t one of just stopping wars. It was, instead, in finding a method to permanently neutralize fear.

Only with such a tool could one then battle the influence of the “fear-mongers”. As they themselves knew, without fear there was no basis for the production of arms -- or for the great stimulus gained in arms selling!

But to generate this size of an effect – and then to maintain it perpetually – a virtual army of yogic flying peace-creators would be needed.

That was Nathaniel’s purpose, as he set out this day: to create as many practitioners of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation in the world – as quickly as possible! – and thereby, in just a short time, to ensure the formation of that “yogic-flying peace force”.


“All the kindness which a man puts out into the world
works on the heart and thoughts of mankind.”

             -     Albert Schweitzer

Chapter Two

                       Nathaniel’s Plan  

As he walked across the grounds of the Jefferson Expansion Memorial Park in downtown St. Louis, Nathaniel gazed out at the Mississippi River. For thousands of years, that vast inland waterway had flowed past this spot without a sound.

Nathaniel knew that his plan, too, must be performed in silence.

On his breast, Nathaniel wore a button that read, “I Love”. His proposed scheme, Nathaniel felt, would generate all the awareness that was needed about Transcendental Meditation, or “TM”. The trick, then, would be in channeling that awareness… toward a further venue of education on that subject.

The excellent Transcendental Meditation program website – – would do well for that!

At this
website, visitors would be able to look up published studies on Transcendental Meditation to suit their needs and interests. And equally important, from that site these visitors could, also, access information on the advanced technique of “Yogic Flying”… including how to learn it!

Indeed, if Nathaniel's plan was a success, these readers would finally discover – by the millions – that the Transcendental Meditation and “TM-Sidhi” programs, including yogic flying, are the most researched procedures for unfolding health and for developing personal well-being in history. +  

And notably, via that website, these aspirants would find research, as well, on the peace-promoting effects of the “group practice” of yogic flying: how, when a gathering of individuals – equal in number to the square root of one percent of the surrounding population groupperforms this
special program together, in one location, reductions are seen immediately in crime and in suffering – including in terrorism and open warfare – for that area: for a city or a town, a state or province... or even, with an adequate-sized group, for an entire country!

And lastly, those fortunate visitors would also be able to locate compelling evidence demonstrating that – with a sufficiently-large participation of yogic flying experts, practicing their great technique together – this effect toward increased peace can be created for the world as a whole.


That’s all that is needed, Nathaniel thought, as he stood gazing up at the magnificent St. Louis Gateway Arch, this day.

This deep knowledge, he had argued for years, was what every individual in society should be given right away!

And, it was all so available -- through the “gateway” of one simple website... if only, somehow, the world could learn of that special internet address.

That was Nathaniel’s plan today.

Extracting, now, a pair of new flying pads from his backpack, Nathaniel sat down directly beneath the Arch. Quietly, he pressed the “Inflate” buttons on his matching units…

Immediately, they expanded into a set of firm cushions, four feet by four feet each in size.

The spring sun slanted northeast between the legs of the St. Louis Arch, warming Nathaniel's body … as he positioned himself on one of the pads, and adjusted the other.

Under the Gateway Arch, passers-by saw that afternoon a trim-bodied man lift into the air in a dramatic leap… and land five feet away.

A small crowd began to gather immediately. There was whispered discussion... and excited words of explanation! Some had seen this before -- on TV news reports about Maharishi University of Management. But, none had yet seen it in person.

Nor had they experienced its surprising effect.

A feeling of ease and happiness came over the group … along with a sense of the greatest import about what was happening.

This, they felt, was a moment in history!
The next day, Nathaniel returned to the St. Louis Arch grounds to repeat his performance.

By the end of Nathaniel’s third day of public flying, news had reached the offices of the St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper. In the possibility of his making a fourth appearance, a reporter was sent the following afternoon to interview Nathaniel.

However, at the end of his twenty-minute flying session that day – and after lying down for a short period of further silence – Nathaniel simply stood up, placed his open palm against the palm of his prosthetic hand… and said the words, “Jai Guru Dev!”
This photo was included the following morning in the Post Dispatch's second-page article about Nathaniel’s public yogic flying -- and was accompanied, on the facing page, by a close-up of his “I Love” button.
Two days later, a film crew arrived from St. Louis CBS TV News, Channel 4. The Gateway Arch made a stunning backdrop to Nathaniel’s ever-expanding leaps that evening!
Thereafter, a devoted crowd began to form regularly a full half hour before Nathaniel's daily lift-off time. The growing distance between Nathaniel’s flying pads seemed only to heighten their anticipation and excitement.

Yet, despite this publicity, there was always silence – deep and profound – as Nathaniel and his observers shared their great moment together. Each afternoon, Nathaniel flew... and, each day, more people witnessed his yogic flying practice.

And afterwards, these visitors sped home with the same urgent goal in mind -- to visit!
Then, a curious thing began to happen. It was something which Nathaniel could not recall if he had thought of beforehand.
After two weeks of daily yogic performances, at the same spot and the same hour, Nathaniel’s flying pictures had now traveled – via internet media – many times around the world!

And so it was that early in the third week – from separate spots on the globe – fellow yogic flyers began to contact Nathaniel, via their local Transcendental Meditation instruction centers. 
They wished to purchase copies of Nathaniel’s flying pads...
Nobody quite remembered, then, what came next… but by the end of the fourth week, a yogic flyer was reported lifting off independently at Yellowstone Park -- with “Old Faithful” geyser in the background, erupting in seeming support of her dynamic hops!
And another had begun, almost simultaneously, to fly at the foot of the Washington Monument in the nation’s capital.

By the following week, the list of public yogic flying practitioners had gone international.

On the plaza of the Eiffel Tower in France… in front of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow… and, even, under a canopy on the sands next to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, regular yogic flying was now taking place!

And now, significantly, other flyers were beginning to join in on these global flying sessions. Each wore a look of quiet determination on their face as they sat down for their first public group flight.

And, importantly, all bore the “I Love” badge on their chest -- or wore that same message marked proudly on a colorful armband! Webpages about Transcendental Meditation in many languages were, now, promptly added to that website.

And, thus, the yogic flying assemblies grew, in number and in size.
The visits to were now being tallied in the hundreds of thousands per day!

Like no form of publicity before, this sequence of exposure to the Vedic knowledge of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
was producing avid seekers of spiritual enlightenment, who – usually within minutes of seeing the research on Transcendental Meditation – would eagerly press the “Apply to Learn” button on their computer screens ... or on their cell phone “TM Apps”.
Financing – or sponsorship – was of course made available to everyone, regardless of income, to learn TM.

And as Nathaniel had planned, interest was being created in yogic flying, as well.

One survey showed that a full two-thirds of the new TM practitioners expressed enthusiasm – after visiting the associated TM webpage – in also attending the advanced TM-Sidhi course, which included instruction in the practice of yogic flying.

And, indeed, “Learn yogic flying…!” is what they did.

By the beginning of the third month of Nathaniel's public flying – with growing coverage by the Associated Press and by Reuters News Agency on the proven power of the Maharishi Effect to stop warfare and crime at a distance – newspapers in cities around the world were reporting daily on several local yogic flying assemblies.

These gatherings, it was noted by the journalists, were true peace rallies -- where peace was not just lauded, but was actually created!

And, finally, on June 14, 2008 – with tens of thousands of new yogic flyers now practicing their special technique openly on every fair day in cities across the United States – the Iraq war was halted!

“Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul…”
             -        Emily Dickinson 

Chapter Three


At one such peace assembly, held in San Francisco, a young woman sat earthbound in a wheelchair.

In her youth, Deborah had fallen ill with a disease that had left her without the use of her legs. Yet Deborah, courageously, had overcome her loss in many ways. She had successfully completed her secondary education, and had continued on to college.

Finally, she had graduated with a degree in “Design Media” from the University of California.

Deborah was well-liked. She was generally very happy, in spite of her special trials. In fact, many people considered Deborah to be one of the sweetest persons in their life. She was caring and wise beyond her years.

Always ready to channel her energy to help with a special cause, Deborah found herself this day seated among a group of “hopping” young women.

Although she desired to join her friends in the air, some doubt – perhaps born of long immobility – seemed to block Deborah’s progress in this initial step of yogic flying.

Also, among the rally that day, were others who were not intent on helping.

That sincere, but misdirected group had gathered earlier in the week, after a spirited meeting in a local house of worship. This yogic flying, they had decided, was a work of dark forces: it needed to be stopped!

Guided by their charismatic leader, the group today had quietly infiltrated the borderless flying assembly. Though yet uncertain of their course of action, their message, they had decided, would be “loud and clear”.
As had become usual, many photographers were also present for this “San Francisco Fly-In”. Parallels to other peace events held in that city – attended by some of the reporters themselves in the late sixties – were inevitable.

Those rallies – successful in the end – had been held to stop a similar war. In fact, many of the witnesses this day reflected, “If only we’d had this then.” 

The national group flying sessions had now grown in length. But all of this was still the “first stage” of yogic flying -- moving forward and returning to earth. Nobody had, yet, publicly achieved the second step -- of hovering in one spot.

The image was dramatic, therefore, when Deborah began her TM-Sidhi practice, that day.

One minute, she was sitting in her wheelchair -- her best friend, although in some ways her prison for life.

The next moment, a cry of excitement traveled through the crowd!

All eyes focused on – and all hearts enveloped – a small figure floating fifteen feet in the air. Her long skirt billowing beneath her in the wind, utter peace radiated from Deborah’s face.

Cameras clicked, and laughter burst forth at the joy of the moment! Some would say later that a shimmering light enclosed the surrounding area.

But Deborah knew nothing of this.

Everything was light to her -- pure and white, and resonating with the voices of angels… as she continued to hover above the astonished crowd for another twenty minutes, before softly landing on the ground.
On the edge of the gathering, a small assemblage of bewildered followers walked away from their leader. Had not their Lord done something like this, they were thinking -- something about “healing the lame”?

They, at least, were certain that they needed more information than they had been given. 

Perhaps it could be found on the World Wide Web.
“The sky shone bright with the Sidhas
who appeared in crowds in all directions.”

              -        Buddha-Charita, text

Chapter Four

High Flight!

To some it seemed a tragic coincidence.
As soon as the first American troops began pulling out of Iraq, a naval exchange had erupted between Taiwan and China.

It had followed the destruction – dreadful and complete – of a Taiwanese battleship in mid-sea.

Instantly, the world froze in fear! It was inconceivable, of course, that the United States would turn its back on Taiwan in the event of a war with China.

Yet, peaceful relations had only been improving – previous to this disaster – for this divided and most populous nation. Chinese school children – watching by replay the daily flying performances of Nathaniel beneath the St. Louis Arch – had begun to learn TM.

And in an example of China's newly-emerging role as a world peacemaker, the recent calming of strife between North and South Korea was being accredited, by many observers, to the diplomatic efforts of a team of cool-headed negotiators from Beijing.

Then, suddenly there was this...
Yuntao was a college student in the city of Yanqing, Beijing province, to the northwest of China’s national capital.

At Yuntao’s institution, as at many others in China and in Taiwan, research on advanced academic achievement – in schools employing Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and
Consciousness-Based Education – was being received with enthusiasm by the governing school council.

Yuntao and his fellow students had quickly signed up to learn the TM technique!    

And scores of other students – along with Yuntao and his friends – had traveled to Beijing shortly afterward, to join the first nationwide Chinese TM-Sidhi course.

The people of China had also been following the progress of Deborah, in San Francisco. They cheered in awe with the crowd each time a replay of Deborah’s first flight was shown on television. Many thousands in China would soon begin learning the TM technique as a state-sponsored program… according to a popular directive from Beijing!

And, miraculously, the last earth-dire dispute had been smoothly fading into the past… as Taiwan and China negotiated, publicly, toward the creation of a friendly border.

And then… suddenly… there was this.
China needs a Nathaniel Turner, thought Yuntao, as he rode his bicycle to class that Thursday morning. But who could it be?

And where would that person fly?

As Yuntao passed an outlying village home, a distant mountain came into view.

There, he knew, along a windblown ridge climbed a sinuous band of gray stone. It traveled across that rugged terrain as bound to the earth as the rocky shoulders over which it crept.

The Great Wall of China!

Yuntao stopped his bicycle, once again letting his mind fathom the immensity of that ancient edifice -- the largest human structure ever created… and one that was a clear symbol to all people on Earth of mankind’s endless “pas de deux” with fear.

Yuntao suddenly felt at peace.

He pedaled his bike to the top of the next hill... and glided the rest of the way to his campus!

Yuntao was certain of what had to be done; and now he knew where he would do it.
A week later, a Chinese citizen was standing at a lookout point on the “Great Wall”, capturing the view from Beijing’s Taihang Mountains with her Polaroid camera.

Below, along that wide causeway, a young man with a backpack had been approaching. Now, this young man had stopped, and was looking about him. He seemed to be analyzing his location in some way.
He was very calm, then, as next he opened his pack and extracted a thin mat -- a single, standard, blue exercise mat. Laying this upon the rough masonry of the walkway, the young man sat down.

Then, he closed his eyes and grew very still.

Suddenly, his body lifted up in a gentle curve. He rose ten feet into the air… and then paused.
He was hovering, now, above the thick retaining wall directly below him. A moment of excitement passed over his face… and then his body moved again.

Out across the threshold, and beyond the valley’s edge, he floated!

And, as he moved, a camera shutter clicked.
The image which appeared that night on the Chinese national TV network left all viewers speechless!
A young student was suspended in the air, poised high above the rim of a steep mountain slope.
Since the picture was supplied anonymously, and no information was given on its location, an on-line dialogue soon spread to towns large and small along the matching section of the Great Wall of China.
Who could link the scenery in that photograph to the stretch of wall that they knew?

By 3:00 P.M. the next day, the exact location had been found.

It was in northwest Beijing province...


Thus, when Yuntao arrived at the wall the following afternoon, a crowd of supporters had already assembled.
This time, as Yuntao floated above the Great Wall, twenty-three video cameras whirred -- capturing the splendor of the mountain pass, and the clamor of an updraft cresting its high peak.

And, now, as though gracing that sublime spectacle, shouts of wonder could be heard... as, once again, Yuntao soared out over the valley!

Yet, this time, Yuntao did not return to the wall. Instead, he proceeded across the gorge. He moved without hesitation or fear -- as does a person with an important work to be done.

Finally, as he approached the midpoint of the ravine, Yuntao paused. Turning his body, he oriented himself to the southeast.

Once more, Yuntao moved through the air -- only now without stopping…

Yuntao gained speed as he receded from the crowd. A swift falcon intercepted his path, as cloudwhisps clutched at his departing form.

He became, at last, as a small kite seen from a far distance.

Then, the tiny dot of Yuntao’s body disappeared into a grey mountain mist.      


“But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home …”

-         William Wordsworth

Chapter Five 


Yuntao, alone, knew where he was going. 

Yet – although he had informed no-one of the purpose of his quest – at each rest point along his journey citizens gathered about him with sustenance and support.

However, Yuntao never stayed for more than an hour: just long enough for a welcome meal and a short nap. To remain longer was unthinkable… and, indeed, undesirable!

Yuntao’s hours in the air were spent in a peace so profound, he felt he must be riding some magic, cosmic jet stream.

And – as had been predicted by Maharishi in the earliest days of this reborn art – Yuntao never felt the cold of the high-atmospheric air through which he passed. A buffer of warmer air seemed constantly to enfold him. Through snow and mountain storms, Yuntao flew on – in safety, in solitude, and in deep silence – toward his destination.

And then, one day – as if pre-arranged –Yuntao was joined by a second flyer.

A third young flyer rose up, silently, to meet Yuntao in the early dawn the next day.

And now, this small group was being met by more young yogic flying experts each time they passed over a major town. By the end of the week – and without a single question being asked – seventy-eight determined flyers were speeding southward, en route to their great destiny!

The young flyers were just twenty-five miles from the Chinese coast when the final contingent joined them, in the city of Fuzhou.

News of their brave journey had spread across China. A national peace rally, being held in their honor, had drawn over ten thousand new meditators to this coastal port. Among these were many excellent student flyers – from over 70 middle and secondary schools – all practicing first or second-stage flight.

of those students were just adolescents of sixteen or seventeen year’s age!

Yet, like a great plume of rising smoke, they, too, lifted off with Yuntao that morning... and aimed themselves toward the east.

The group had begun the final leg of their odyssey -- and they were pointed directly toward Taiwan.

A naval skirmish was in full cry, between China and Taiwan, as the battalion of yogic flyers left the coast.
At first – to the sailors on the battleships and destroyers positioned off Taiwan – it seemed that a thousand deaf birds were winging their way toward the center of the conflict.

But, as the flyers approached the reality dawned that these were not birds, but were, in fact, young men and young women. Fingers froze on artillery buttons… commands fell silent in the throats of admirals… and all combat ceased!

Would this divine assemblage actually land on their ships?

They did not land, but continued flying.

Through clearing skies – amidst the dying echoes of warfare and destruction – onward they flew!

When they came to land over Taiwan’s northern shore, the yogic flyers, at last, descended into a hilltop meadow.

Quickly, the young heroes ran back now, en masse, to peer over the waters of China’s once oceanic divide.

Clouds that climbed three miles high hovered over a scene of strange tranquility, as gulls and herons swooped and dove.

Across the strait, the guns remained silent.    


“They shall beat their swords into plowshares …
neither shall they learn war anymore.”

-        Isaiah 2:4


It had been almost three months since Yuntao had set off on his mission.

Across China, thousands of new flyers were now taking to the air daily in joyous first flights. During that magnificent summer, in the United States – and all around the globe! – vast and spontaneous yogic flying assemblies had brought a swift end to all remaining earthly warfare.

For the first time in recorded history, the world was entirely at peace.

Many young people in Taiwan had responded to that first group of “ambassadors” from China by escorting them back, gleefully, to the mainland -- some even flying arm-in-arm!

From their side, Chinese officials had declared, the following week, an unconditional end of animosities toward their sister country.

And the president of Taiwan had responded, in kind, by travelling immediately to Beijing – on commercial airlines – to ratify the accord.

However, no agreement was ever signed.

Indeed, it was decided between those now peaceful nations that a formal treaty – or even an international boundary – was no longer practical… and was even less desired!

After all, it was reasoned, what good would a “defended border” be if it meant pursuing and imprisoning your own dearest citizens?

And finally, in the end, the great thought was expressed -- and it echoed clearly to all peoples of the Earth: 

“With no border to defend, what need is there of military arms?” 


Nathaniel Turner was flying beneath the Gateway Arch, when the first “Trans-America Yogic Flying Peace Excursion” passed through St. Louis -- en route from San Francisco to New York City.

Nathaniel – despite all the good that he had set in motion – for some reason had not proceeded to second or third-stage flight.

But, he was in no hurry. Someday, he thought, it will just happen…

He had watched many times, though, Deborah's first flight in San Francisco. He was deeply moved – as were countless others – by the image of this fragile being rising into the air.

And, so it was that as he practiced his yogic flying technique that September day, Nathaniel gazed out at what he first thought to be a sky full of approaching geese -- and something stirred inside.

There, at the front of the formation, the group’s leader was breaking away… descending in a long curve toward the Arch grounds. As the figure came closer, Nathaniel recognized Deborah.

Deborah glided down to within a few feet of Nathaniel. Sweetness and compassion shone in her eyes.

Still floating, Deborah came closer to Nathaniel, now. Gently, she reached out her hand… and Nathaniel reached out, too.

Nathaniel closed his eyes.
The world inside turned to white light! Nathaniel knew he was rising as a blind man knows when he is entering a sacred temple. He opened his eyes.

Deborah was still looking at him. Kindly, she smiled.
There was a “desire” for them to join the others.

Would he come?





Late in the following week, the “southwest flying contingent” was welcomed by other national members, as they descended into New York’s Central Park. Already, 20,000 had arrived… and hundreds more, from across the nation, were landing each hour!
It would be an event like no other...

Tents had been raised to house the single ladies; the men had brought smaller ones – carried on their backs in flight – which they were setting up now.

amilies, too, had prepared their camping supplies ahead of time -- and children were already chasing about, darting happily – in skillful flight
– amongst the city’s oldest trees.

Sumptuous food was made available to all, without cost -- through the eager courtesy of every restaurant in Eastern New York State!

Nathaniel strode beside a floating Deborah, as they absorbed the majesty of the scene. Angels hovered above the crowd. And emissaries – dispatched by distant planets – were either on their way, or were already in attendance from nearby craft.

Earth was ready for peace... and all were ready to help!

There were so many people, thought Nathaniel, as he walked -- so many millions had now learned TM!

And now, there was a wish to be alone -- alone with Deborah... in the great company of the inner self.

There was so much to talk about... and so very many worlds to explore!

“Let’s fly!” said Nathaniel.

“Let’s be invisible ... !” Deborah cried.

They held hands. They closed their eyes. Together, they rose high in the air.

The tops of New York’s skyscrapers passed beneath their feet.


This would be such fun!


About the Author 

Bill Torrington is an alumnus of Maharishi University of Management ( in Fairfield, Iowa. He has been a Yogic Flyer since 1979.

“A Peace Story” was created in the Narrative elective of the
Communications and Media course at MUM, under Professor Stuart Tanner (BBC; see a documentary / 2:22).

A Timetable for Peace

April 1, 2008 – Nathaniel starts his “Peace Plan”…

April 15 – Nathaniel is, by now, seen daily on the World Wide Web!

April 17 – Other yogic flyers purchase Nathaniel’s flying pads

April 26 - 28 – A yogic flyer lifts off at the “Old Faithful” site in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming

May 3 - 8 – Yogic flying also begins… near the Eiffel Tower in Paris; in front of St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow; and beside the Great Pyramid in Egypt!

May 11 - 25 – Public “group flying” begins…

June 3 – Large flying assemblies around the world are, by now, forming … and are meeting daily!

June 14 – The Iraq war ends!

June 26 – Yuntao flies for world peace… third-stage yogic flying is achieved!

June 28 – Yuntao leaves on his big flight

July 3 – Yuntao arrives in Fuzhou, China

July 4 – Young flyers leave, en masse, for the Formosa Strait!

September 14 – Deborah visits the “Gateway Arch”…

September 27 – The first “Trans-America Yogic Flying Excursion” lands in Central Park, New York!


World Peace Flight #1 - Yanqing to Fuzhou, China = 1,025 miles at 10 mph x 17 hrs. per day = 6 days (express... with all young, strong flyers)  Video 

World Peace Flight #2, Segment #
2 - St. Louis to New York City = 871 miles at 10 mph x 8 hrs. per day = 13 days (including two days off; easy pace … with some children, and with many Senior Citizen flyers)