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From the Transcript:
Aired May 12, 2002 - 21:00 ET

Tonite, exclusive, he was the Beatles'spiritual guru and
he turned the world on to transcendental meditation.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gives his first TV interview
in 25 years. Next, on "Larry King Weekend" ...

It's a great pleasure to welcome to "Larry King Live",
from Vlodrop, Holland, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

He is the author of the famous book, "Science of Being
and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation." He has
not done an interview in 25 years. The book has been
newly revised and updated and it's an honor to
welcome him to this program.

Is Maharishi a title or a name?



 (Lake Louise, Canada /
....       1968; 6:11)

A title, I feel ... 
I think, people begin to call -- significant of
the characteristic of the word," Maharishi ";
"Maha" means great and "rishi" is a seer.

The seer ... of reality. The "seer", that's what
people called; and it became a sort of name.

What is transcendental meditation?

MAHARISHI: Transcendental meditation is
something that can be defined as a means to do
what one wants to do in a better way,
in a right way, for maximum results. It's a
program that the mind begins to experience its
own finer impressions, finer thoughts, and then
finally transcends the finest thought and get(s)
to the level of what they call "self-referral
pure consciousness", which is the ultimate reality
of life: pure intelligence ... from where
the creation emerges ... from where
the administration of life is maintained ...
from where physical expression of the universe
has its basis.

So transcendental meditation brings about
transcendental consciousness, which
is self-referral consciousness -- the source
of all intelligence.

Why ...

MAHARISHI: ... that level that intelligence
becomes creative intelligence.

Why does it sound so hard to learn?

MAHARISHI: I've been teaching transcendental
meditation for 40, 50 years in the world and
everyone who has learned it knows
how simple it is ... how easy it is. Because one's
own consciousness cannot be difficult to anyone.

It's one's own life. It's one's own intelligence.
It's nothing difficult at all.

Is there a major first step to take?
Suppose I want to learn this completely. What's
the first thing, other than getting the re-release
of your book, the first thing I should do?

MAHARISHI: Intend to have a better life.
Just intention to have a more successful life.
Think better. Create better influence for others
and for oneself. Just the desire to be a better man.
That's all.

So we begin with the desire, which
sounds very nice; but does this require a change
of personality?

MAHARISHI: Change of personality will be
for good as a result of it. But the intention is:
wherever one is, one makes a plunge into
the transcendent. That's all.

There is nothing difficult. There is nothing
complicated. Only one has to have a desire to
have a better quality of life. And for that, one has
so much of scientific research now.
Hundreds of scientific researches, volumes full
of volumes there are. (1)

And ... you have mentioned that book,
"Science of Being and Art of Living"; that was
the first book that I wrote about 40 years ago.
And now, dozens of books are there. (2)
KING: Yup.
MAHARISHI: Hundreds of ... thousands of
these videotapes are there for the world.

Why have you been ... quiet for
some time now? Why have you not -- have we not
seen you much?

MAHARISHI: No, I have been not quiet. Only,
I got into creating the "effect". I was teaching
transcendental meditation for 30, 40 years,
but I found that the world is not yet to the extent
of possibility in the field of good.

So I realized that talking about like this ...
I realized that talking is not too much important.
Creating the effect in the world. And now I am
engaging creating the effect in the world.

What you have to say is very important.
One would hope that from now on, we'll be
hearing more of you.

MAHARISHI: People know enough good;
but they are not able to do it because the effect
from outside, the influence from outside --
his own society, other countries, other cultures,
even sun, moon, stars, galaxies -- the influence,
so many, many influences from all over the world
make the mind of a man, make his intellect
to decide this, and this and this ...

So, if people do what they know to be good,
the knowledge of good is enough in the world for
them to be really happy and really peaceful and
really remarkably friendly and supportive
to everyone.

Does it also improve you from a health
standpoint? A physical health standpoint?

MAHARISHI: Great amount of
scientific research is there to show that health
is better ; because transcendental meditation
deals with consciousness, and consciousness is
the basic value of all the physical expressions.
The entire creation is the expression
of consciousness. So when we handle
consciousness -- through our attention --
the consciousness becomes awake, more awake.
So more healthy ...

So ... this transcendental meditation has
very good effect on health. It's like the gardener
watering the root of life and supplying
nourishment to all the leaves and all the branches
and everything.

KING: Let me get a break and come right back
with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on this edition
of Larry King Live.
One of the great spiritual leaders in the world.
Don't go away.

We're back with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
His famous book of years ago -- "Science of Being
and Art of Living: Transcendental Meditation";
he's the founder of TM -- there has been
a new release and a newly revised version of
that historic book.
Everyone got to know the Maharishi when
the Beatles went to visit him. I ... by the way,
Maharishi, I send the best to you from
Paul McCartney who I saw last week, who -- 
and I told him I was going to be with you --
and he wanted to wish you the best.

We know that your good friends,
George Harrison and John Lennon, are gone.
What do you believe happens upon death?

MAHARISHI: The death is just a -- it gives
a new start for a new fresh journey.
In the process of evolution, the body lasts for
some time and then one takes other body and
takes other body and takes other body ... till
the final redemption from diversity is transcended.

The totality is found. This is the potential of life,
cosmic potential of life: immortality in its field
of counting it in terms of time. Immortality.

Do we know what stage we're in?

MAHARISHI: Absolutely. From the
Vedic astrology point of view; Vedic astrologers --
the Jyotishees -- calculate the whole of life from
the past and they calculate the whole of life
in future. This is the field of yagya; and when
they find some wrong, negative influence from
sun, moon, star or wherever, they make
some yagyas. Yagya is a name for a Vedic
performance which can avert the danger. (3)

The Vedic way of life rests on, "Avert the danger
that has not come." Prevention -- it uses
the knowledge to prevent problems from
coming on. The yagya system is so powerful that
those who get the yagyas done by the
Vedic pundits, they find the obstacles don't have
to be faced. Sicknesses don't have to be faced.
Wrong things don't have to faced. One can be
the master of one's own destiny if one follows
the Vedic way of life, which is -- life according
to natural law, which can prevent disorders.
KING: What about, Maharishi, those who are
the victims of evil who cannot determine
their own life. They're in a building on
September 11 ... and they're gone. They couldn't
make any determination. TM didn't help them.

MAHARISHI: Everyone has to go ... sometime
or the other. And the basic principle about going
or surviving is that no one -- now listen to me --
no one is responsible for giving any difficulty or
any pleasure to anyone.

Problems or successes, they all are the results of
our own actions. Karma. The philosophy of action
is that no one else is the giver of peace
or happiness. One's own karma, one's own actions
are responsible to come, to bring either happiness
or success or whatever.

If someone treats me harshly, if someone
shoots me or kills you, or harms a baby ...
how was the victim a participant in that other than
being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

MAHARISHI: He is the carrier of
my own influence. "As you sow, so shall you reap"
is a very old proverb of mankind. As you sow,
so shall you reap. Sometime you may have killed
that man; and then sometime, now,
it comes on to you.


MAHARISHI: What we have done, the result
of that comes to us whenever it comes: either
today, tomorrow, hundred years later,
hundred lives later... whatever, whatever.

It's our own karma. That is why that philosophy
in every religion, "Killing is sin." Killing is sin
in every religion. Whosoever sins ...
whosoever kills it doesn't matter. It's a sin.
KING: Right...
MAHARISHI: And sin in the will of God is
a punishable offense. Because ... when you kill
some man, what you are killing? You are killing
the cosmic potential within the individual.

Individual is cosmic. Individual potential of life
is cosmic potential. Individual is divine,
deep inside; transcendental experience awakens
that divinity in man. And when you kill a man,
you deprive him of that birthright of his.

It is the right of everyone to rule the world ...
to dominate in whole nature of the universe.
Master of the universe is every man's potential,
inside -- cosmic potential. When you kill a man
like that, you deprive him from getting to
his human right.

What a wonderful way to look at it.

MAHARISHI: The human right to live divinity.

Where, Maharishi, were you
on September 11?
MAHARISHI: I heard about it wherever I was --
I don't remember now. Because I don't look back
in time. I have no time to look back. I have always
looked forward, forward, forward...

And now I have come to a level of creating
a world free from problems. There have been
always wars, there have been always this, this.
Negativity, and all that. Throughout world history.
It's not one instance. It's not one instance.
So much of Hitlers were born, so many
Alexanders were born -- all those things --
and so many will continue to be born on earth.
But, now I have come to create a situation
in the world -- through about 40,000 Yogic Flyers
in the world, and Vedic performers:
performers of Yagya in the world -- and
I am collecting them in India. And I invite
everyone to send their donations for this purpose,
which will deprive the world of negative trends
in life. I want to eliminate the basis of problems,
and basis of crime, and basis of terrorism. 
That is my message now...

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is our
special guest on this edition of Larry King Live.
We'll be right back.


We're back with
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of
Transcendental Meditation, the author of
"Science of Being and Art of Living", which
explains Transcendental Meditation. That book,
released many years ago, has been newly revised
and updated.

How do you deal personally with sadness?
George Harrison just died. I know he was a friend
of yours. How do you deal when someone you love
or like is gone?

MAHARISHI: It's human nature to like
whom you like, and when they go it's natural
to be sad about them; but it is inevitable.
It's inevitable.

When I found transcendental meditation has
done good to so many, so many, then now
I'm thinking of -- and for the last two, three years
-- I'm thinking of nations as a whole ... want to
make the destiny of every nation to be free
from problems ...
... to be free from suffering ... to be free from sin.

I'm establishing a government in the world which
will disallow the sprouting of negativity
in any country, in any country. Governments are
a failure today. Absolutely. Every government is
a failure, because problems exist everywhere --
and every government is sovereign.

The word sovereign is a misnomer.
Their sovereignty lies in: not able to give
a problem-free administration to the people.
I'm establishing a problem-free administration
on the basis of the constitution of the universe. (4)

The constitution of the universe
is total natural law. "Natural law", we say from
the field of science. "Will of God", we say
from the field of religion. It's the same thing.

Natural law administers the infinite diversity of
the universe; and I'm going to establish
the government on the basis of
this cosmic constitution of the universe.
Cosmic constitution is a stable constitution.

Manmade constitution requires change
four years, five years. Election of the people.
The whole thing is a fraudulent thing.
Administration is a matter of expert intelligence ...

But ... but ...

MAHARISHI: It shouldn't be exposed to voters
on the street.

How do you change a system
of governments and nations and people who are
opposed to one another and presidents and kings
and emperors and dictators ...
how do you change that?

MAHARISHI: I'll be establishing groups
of people practicing Yogi Flying, and
Vedic Pundits performing the yagyas which will
eliminate the negative influence on life on earth.
This is how ... 

My plan is to improve the quality of life on
the world by minimizing the negative influences
from the sun, moon, stars, and from everywhere.
So those groups we'll be establishing;
we'll be establishing groups in every country. (5)

I have already this, our organization teaching TM
in all the countries, and all the governments like it
because it helps a better quality of life. Only,
we have to concentrate now with the help
of each government; because no government
wants chaos and problems and difficulties
and crime in the country.

That is a very good thing.
But because every government is governed by
manmade constitutions; and manmade constitutions
are full of human weaknesses and human failings.
That is why I'm adopting the constitution of the
universe, which is the Will of God: high above
everything -- merciful nature of God, total value
of natural law, which is profusely narrated and
detailed in the Vedic literature, ancient Vedic
literature, with all this total knowledge of natural
law; and the programs to eliminate any difficulty
or problem that may be coming from anywhere. (6)

We don't allow the problems. We create
that shield, protect ourselves. That is
the Vedic way of life.

Do you believe in perfection?
MAHARISHI: I am bringing perfection in life.
It's not a matter of belief. I have the positive
program and the concrete program to create
perfection in life.

I want to create every government to be free
from military. Military is a defeatist feature
of a government. Government is not able
to protect the nation and therefore they engage
the people, give them food, "that you will die
for other people."
The whole thing is absurd and inhuman.
I want to create a global government.
A global government. I have created a global
country of world peace where no one would harm
anyone, where no one would do any wrong
to anyone. The government will not need
a military to protect itself.
Because the principle is that any military is
a big sinner. And the sin must come to
the whole population ...

We'll take a break and come right back.


We're back with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
How can you be so optimistic based on all
the things you see wrong in the world?

MAHARISHI: Optimism comes from
so many scientific researches to prove that
transcendental meditation -- which I have taught
for 40, 50 years in the world -- works to create
a better man.
In Fairfield [Iowa], we have that management
university [Maharishi University of
Management] ... and the professors of
the management university have found that
the world is being managed badly. Governments
are not competent to prevent problems; and,
therefore, higher intelligence is needed to enrich
and support the present situation
of every government.

Every government, as I said, already has
a manmade constitution. And manmade
constitution has the value of human failings
and human weaknesses. That is why constitutions
are there and the government is there, and
the people are there, and the laws are there: but
those laws are futile. They are not able
to prevent wrong.

The corruption has been there ... crime has been
there throughout the ages. Punishment has been
there by government throughout the ages. But
punishment and fear of death, hanging them
in the jails and all that -- that has been there.
But ... crime continues.

Therefore, something else has to be done.
And that something else I am going to do from
the level of the Vedic wisdom of life, which
proclaims, "man is divine, man is all competent."
Human potential is universal potential,
universal capability.

So the concept of government has to be raised to
that merciful fatherly treatment of the population
by the governments.

Do you weep -- do you cry when someone
you love dies?

MAHARISHI: There is no reason to cry,
because I know everyone has to go on and on,
on the path of progress ... path of progress ...
path of progress. There is nothing to cry
about something.

When the sun sets in the end of the day,
one doesn't cry for the sun. It's happening,
it's happening. The same sun that is setting is
going to rise again, and again set, and again rise,
and again set. So one knows the progression
of life.
Now I am working on the possibility of collective
destiny of the nation towards all good.

What do you make of all the modern
conveniences? What do you make of television?
Cell phones?

MAHARISHI: I'm using the television to have
my message reach the people...
...and that is all.
KING: So you accept that progress goes on. [...] 
Life gets better. We extend life.
All that is good, is it not?

MAHARISHI: Right, right. Anything that
is helpful to life, anything that will save life
from pains and suffering and all those difficulties,
that is -- that is our intention, to have
a better world created.

And for that, I am now working from
the administrative level. I'm creating an ideal
of administration where people will not make
mistakes. And when they don't make mistakes,
they don't create the reason for suffering
for themselves.

The people should be saved from sinning, from
killing each other; from this. This is our teaching.
"Help thy neighbor" is a very old axiom
of mankind. Help thy neighbor.

The Golden Rule -- "Do unto others as
you would have them do unto you" -- is probably
the only law you need. Every other law fits it.

Why has mankind never done -- I mean, what
you say makes sense, but mankind has never
done it; never.
MAHARISHI: If man is told he is divine, he is
almighty, powerful; then he is trained to have
his thought come to materialization without
much effort... everyone would go for it.
It's the education... it's the education.

If a man is a criminal, that is the defective
administration that he has been raised in. It's
a defective administration --  cruel administration
away from the real potential of life, which is --
in the Will of God -- evolution, evolution, evolution.
KING: What part in all of this, Maharishi, does
money play? [ ... ]

MAHARISHI: I lack only one billion to make
a world, better world.

So many months ago, I had publicized in
American papers that $1 billion endowment fund
will raise enough, this Vedic Pundits to fly about.
We want to engage 40,000 people on
a permanent basis; and they will have enough
intense influence of coherency
in the world consciousness. And anybody who
wants to have peace -- and everyone wants peace
-- they were invited to donate.

But I realized later that I was talking to
this capitalist country.
And capitalist country, in their own fog,
unless they get something privately themselves
they'll not indulge into it.
So money has become prominent in a world
of capitalism. That I realized when
nobody sponsored for world peace, and everybody
wants world peace; but they will not ...
KING: ... take part.

MAHARISHI: ... with some of their huge billions
and millions in the bank. And so I said, "All right."

Let me get a break and we'll come
right back. We have two more segments left
with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

His original book, "Science of Being and
Art of Living - Transcendental Meditation"
-- he's the founder of that movement -- has just
been republished and newly revised and updated.

We'll be right back.


We're back with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
He's coming to us from Vlodrop, Holland.
What is ... what is ... Yogic flying?

MAHARISHI: Yogic flying is that level
of creative intelligence in the self-referral
consciousness that will materialize the intention.
Whatever the intention, materialize the intention. (7)
And what is this thing? This is the same
creative intelligence from natural law that makes
huge galactic universe float in the empty space.

Every galaxy's huge weight -- galaxy. They are
all flying in empty space. What is that? It is
the creative intelligence -- at the level
of pure intelligence -- when pure intelligence
in its self-referral unified state assumes the role
of fluctuations of waves ... like that, like that,
like that.
So the same law of nature is captured in
the transcendental field of one's consciousness.
And then with the thought that,
"I should be in the air", the body lifts up,
body lifts up.

Are you saying, then, that man
is capable of everything -- man could fly if he
had obtained this consciousness?

MAHARISHI: That has been proved
-- how many times? -- as many times as people
are flying. Four, five million people are flying
in their private values. Now we want to have
bigger groups. And bigger groups have been
found to create that worldwide influence. They
influence the whole world consciousness,
towards positivity, towards harmony, towards
higher values of intelligence. (8)

That is why we have the proof: we have enough
proof in the Vedic literature. And we have enough
proof from the modern science that our teaching
has that influence which will create a better world 
-- means a positive world, a harmonious world.

That is why we want to have a global
administration of natural law. We will not disturb
the existing administration by manmade laws
in any country. We are creating
our own government which is utilizing natural law
which we have from modern science, and which
we have for effective Vedic science.
So we have enough ammunition to win the race.
KING: How do they learn more about this?
They could buy the book, and the revised update
of it. Is there someplace they can contact direct
to get more information.

MAHARISHI: I have hundreds of centers
for teaching transcendental meditation

Do you believe in a god?

MAHARISHI: I believe in God. And I believe
in the custody of God vested in kings. And I'm
very happy to have your name as King.
He's a King!

KING: I'm a King.

MAHARISHI: I want to establish a government
in every country that will support life
in the country. This drama of four years,
five years ... change the government, change
the government, is only useful to
the foreign powers.

This thing, democracy -- I used to say,
"Damn the democracy!"; because it's not
a stable government. It's only useful for foreign
powers. It's a bad thing for any nation to change
the ... a man comes for four years; now he is
the president. And then he goes to jail tomorrow
-- yes, there.

Such inadequacy in the field of administration
must create a very chaotic population
in every country; and that is the situation
in the world.
The whole field of education is very inadequate.
It doesn't make the human physiology totally
function. The medicine -- the field of medicine
is very poisonousIt's full of inadequacies,
and full of those, what you call, all these negative
things -- the side effects of modern medicine ...

KING: Yeah, but ...
YOGI: ... huge! I have in my room the whole
height of a floor full of about 8 or 10 thousand 
bad articles on modern medicine. (9)
But, modern medicine continues, continues.

Those who are producing medicine, they are
only producing because they get money.
It doesn't matter if people die or suffer from
any more diseases. And the governments
support it.
Your own government, in this -- I was hearing -- 
is subject to so much of corruption! All this is
because life is not taught to the boys
in the younger age. Education is very,
very inadequate.
The whole drama of science is a big fraud,
everywhere. Hiroshima was created in
the name of science. Peace cannot be created
in the name of science. No. Hiroshima can
be created. Afghanistan can be created.
And now Middle East can be created.
This is "science"! The whole thing is fraud.
The whole field is sinful. And those who will get
into that come to that realization:
"Sin -- killing is sin." Whosoever kills, it is sin;
and the sinner will go to hell.

We'll take a break and come back with our
remaining moments with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, right
after these words.


In our remaining moments with
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, let's talk about yourself.
Do you have a family?

MAHARISHI: The world is my family.

You have no children of your own?

MAHARISHI: That's what a family means
-- that you are all the children
of the world.
KING: I know, but I'm just asking
if you have children ... [...]

MAHARISHI: I am a single person.
I'm a Purusha. I'm a -- what you call it? --
Sanyasi, if you understand the word. I'm a monk.
KING: You're a bachelor. Do you have
special diets that you eat?

MAHARISHI: I think that a diet that I eat,
everyone may eat the same thing -- some rice,
some dal, some chapattis, something vegetable ...
but I like this organic, organic. I recommend 
the people organic agriculture --
Vedic organic agriculture. Huge amount
of scientific research has shown that with
the Vedic hymns, with the Vedic melodies,
the nutrients grow in the trees very much -- 
in the fruits, in the crops, in the vegetables. (10)

So that is what I am promoting in the world.

How old are you?

MAHARISHI: I have almost forgotten when I
was born. I was told before.


MAHARISHI: I never look back -- in my habits,
I never looked back. I never looked back.

Are you in good health?

MAHARISHI: I am in fairly good health. Yes,
yes, fairly good health.

Do you go to doctors?

MAHARISHI: The doctors come to me even
before calling them. They like to see me
year after year, the same way ... like that,
like that.
But the main thing is not so important what I am.
What is important is: my program for the world --
that the world will be a better world. It will be
free from sin. Governments will be preventive
administrations in the world.
That is important. I'm not important for the world.
I'm here for some time, gone. And everyone
will finish the whole story. But I have promoted
a program which is practical, positive
and simple for every individual 
and for every nation.

here did you learn it?

MAHARISHI: I learned it from my master.
I address him as His Divinity,
Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, in the Himalayas
in India. And that I hold to be the tradition
of Vedic masters.

And that I came to teach in the world, and, I felt,
successful results on the individual; and now I am
going to have a successful result on the basis
of nations -- nations. National governments
everywhere, whatever they are now -- I think
they are groping in darkness. And I have a lamp.
I put the lamp; and the light from the lamp
will illuminate all their darknesses.

My nature is not to fight. I give the message.
I give the experience; and people take it,
and more people take it. And now,
I'll have a government.

I have created a government; and created
the head of this government a great scientist -- 
Dr. Nader Raja Raam. He is M.D., Ph.D.
He has researched in the human physiology
that the whole human physiology is the expression
of the underlying field of consciousness,
the same way as physics has discovered
self-referral quantum field as the field
of consciousness -- self-referral.

On that basis of the realization of the discovery
of the ultimate field, I'm going to create a world
of that profundity of perfection which belongs to
the perfection of the government of nature.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from
Vlodrop, Holland. His book has been newly
revised and updated -- the version of the original
book of many years ago --
"Science of Being and Art of Living:
Transcendental Meditation."

Optimistic? You bet.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Good night.

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